SS Metal Worx - A Metal Fabrication Company in Anderson, Indiana Specializing in Vibratory Feeder Bowls

SS Metal Worx Custom Metal Products

Specializing in:

  • Vibratory feeder bowls
    • Custom built vibratory feeder bowls orient and feed parts out to the automated assembly line. Normally built from 304 grade stainless steel or 316 grade stainless for medical or pharmaceutical applications. Our bowls include Cascade Bowls and Outside Track Bowls.
  • Vibratory inline connecting track, gravity connecting track, and conveyor systems.
    • Correctly-oriented parts exit the vibratory feeder bowl and continue travel down connecting track and/or conveyor belt systems to your machine for final assembly.
  • Part isolation mechanisms
    • Normally at the end of the vibratory inline connecting track, gravity track, or conveyor system to isolate parts for the machine to be able to "pick & place" parts for final assembly. Types of part isolation systems include escape & blow, dead nest, and shuttle isolation.
  • Bulk storage hoppers
    • Hoppers are designed to hold bulk storage of parts and, using a with a sensor in the bowl, fill the feeder vibratory feeder bowl as needed.
  • Sound Enclosures
    • A sound deading box placed around vibratory feeder bowls and other equipment to reduce environmental noise, making a more pleasant workplace.
  • Support structures, Base plates, Tables
    • Custom built structures on which to mount vibratory equipment.
  • Bowl Linings
    • We offer vibratory feeder bowl linings from many different materials for abrasion resistance, noise reduction, part direction and medical grade linings. Teflon, Surlyn, Polyurethane, and Brushlon.
  • Service & Support
    • We offer onsite repair services, moves/adds/changes to existing vibratory feeder bowl systems, and of course, new design of vibratory systems and all related technologies.

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